Florida Medical Psychology Associates, LLC


Florida Medical Psychology Associates, LLC, Tampa Bay’s premier health psychology group, was established to promote physical and mental health and wellness within primary care and specialty medical settings.  The doctors of Florida Medical Psychology Associates (Andrea Friedman, PhD, Perry Kaly, PhD, and Mario Rodriguez, PhD) are licensed psychologists who specialize in applying the principles of clinical psychology to health promotion, disease prevention, and adjustment to illness.  

Professional services include psychotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy, psychological assessment, coaching, and educational workshops.  Specialty areas include mood and anxiety disorders, weight loss, bariatric surgery, stress management, insomnia, eating disorders, diabetes self-care, cardiac risk-reduction, chronic pain, cancer, memory screening, women's health, positive parenting, life transitions, and bereavement.  Their unique approach to integrating psychological care within physicians’ practices promotes the comprehensive management of patients’ physical, behavioral, and psychological health care needs. 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide integrated comprehensive behavioral health care services in collaboration with primary care and specialty medical providers to alleviate suffering and promote optimal functioning in individuals and communities. 


This approach to integrating behavioral health care and collaborating with patients' medical providers is designed to provide individuals and communities with a true continuum of care that focuses on the entire person by acknowledging, assessing and treating the biological, social, and psychological contributions to personal illness, as well as wellness and optimal functioning.  This treatment model is becoming the standard of excellence in health care nationally (examples include the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations/JCAHO standards for integrative medicine, Kaiser-Permanente's integrated primary medical care model, and the National Institutes of Health development in 1991 of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine).